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 Vienna, Prague, and the Czech Greenways !


This trip to Austria and the Czech Republic was mainly a hiking trip thru the southern Czech countryside along the "Czech Greenways", a set of old hiking trails thru the Czech countryside. Each day we would do a day hike of about 8 to 12 miles, and every evening we'd be staying in a small local hotel or pension. A local driver with a Volkswagen mini-van would drop us off at the trail head every morning and pick us up at the end of the day's hike. He also took care of transporting our luggage from hotel to hotel. The trip also included a day and a half stay in Vienna, Austria and a day and a half stay in Prague, Czech Republic.

Feel free to start at the beginning of the trip report in Vienna or pickup the travelogue on any particular day by clicking on the links below.

> Exploring Vienna, Austria

> Travel from Vienna, Austria to Valtice, Czech Republic

> Hiking from Valtice to Lednice
   (highlight = "follies" and a fake ruined castle)

> Hiking from Pavlov to Mikulov
   (highlight = real castle ruins and panoramic views from hilltops)

> Hiking from Cizov to Vranov
   (highlight = remains of the "Iron Curtain" and crossing the border into Hardegg, Austria for lunch)

> Hiking from Slavonice to Nova Bystrice
   (highlight = old military 'pillboxes', Landstejn castle ruins, and narrow gauge train ride)

> Hiking from Trebon to Kojakovice
    (highlight = museum in Kojakovice)

> Hiking from Zlata Koruna to Cesky Krumlov
   (highlight = observation tower and observatory)

> Exploring Prague, Czech Republic

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