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Hiking from Pavlov to Mikulov


Today Tom S. picked us up at the hotel and drove us to the village of Palov to start our hike. The trail led us up to the top of a moderate hill and the ruins of of the castle "Divci hrady" built around 1222 to protect the road from Austria to the Czech interior. From there the trail followed along the gently rolling ridge line. Just as the trail was to descend from the ridge to the village of Klentice, we took a detour around the back side of another hill to pick up a few extra miles and two more castle ruins. The more interesting ruin of the two (called Novy hrad) required a very steep climb up a narrow rocky gulch while pulling yourself up with chains that had been anchored to the rocks. Going back down the gulch was a lot like rappelling. There was very little of the castle left to see at the top, but the views out over the countryside were great.

> To the right is the castle "Divci hrady".

Divci hrady

The view from Novy Hrad

^ The view from the top of the hill by Novy hrad. The town below is Horni Vestonice and the lake beyond is the Nove Mlyny Reservior. The lake is a major recreation area.

> To the right is Diane "rapelling" down the chain from the top of the hill.

Diane "rapelling" down the chain

Continuing on we eventually picked up the trail back into Klentice where we walked along the road into town for a short ways before we ascended the foothills again. The trail led us to the ruins of "Sirotci Hradek", the Orphan's Castle, built around the 13th century. It consisted of two parts, each part built on top of two large rocky promontories.

Sirotci Hradek

^ Above is Sirotci Hradek, the "Orphan's Castle". The main ruins were on the central rock promontory. You could walk around to the right of the rocks and easily climb up to the top.

Leaving the foothills again, we descend down to the main road leading us to into the heart of Mikulov. After a refreshing rest at a street side cafe, we took a guided tour of a catacomb under an old church and the old Jewish cemetery in Mikulov. The catacombs were filled with human bones piled two layers deep from floor to ceiling along one wall. It was kinda creepy to me seeing all those bones that had once belonged to living, breathing people

Entering Mikulov

^ Entering the town of Mikulov.

Then Tom picked us up and took us to the Pension Anita in the village of Vranov nad Dyje. That evening we enjoyed a great supper at a sidewalk cafe from which we could look up at the town's chateau on the hillside.

Pension Anita in Vranov


^ Above is the Pension Anita where we stayed in the town of Vranov nad Dyje.


> Just a short walk into town and we got this great view of the chateau on the hill. Right behind me was a great sidewalk cafe where we ate supper that night.

The chateau at Vranov


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