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Hiking from Trebon to Kojakovice


Today's hike was fairly simple with no great scenic panoramas and no ancient ruins. The hike started on the south side of Trebon by the large fish ponds. We followed the trail along the ponds and out of town, past the fields of horses and into the woods. We came out of the woods briefly while we passed thru the town of Branna and then reentered the woods and fields until we popped out into the town of Kojakovice.

The town of Kojakovice was developing an interesting museum on the town history in one of their old abandoned schoolhouses. It turns out that many of the townsfolk had all emigrated to the same area in Ohio (or was it Iowa?). In fact, Kojakovice and the town in Ohio/Iowa (I've forgotten the name) had developed a "sister town" relationship. The museum was documenting the early history of Kojakovice and the journey of the emigrants to America.

Tom picked us up outside the museum and took us to Cesky Krumlov and our next hotel, the Pension Vltava. We spent the evening exploring the town and it's castle/chateau.

Entrance to Pension Vltava

< To the left is the front door to our accomodations, the Pension Vltava. The lobby was in the gift shop to the left. It wasn't very impressive from the outside but the large room we had was very nice. We had a good view out our back windows of the Vltava River.

The Hradek from outside the castle

These are 2 shots of the "Hradek", which dates back to the late 1200's making it the oldest section of the castle.

The Hradek from the 1st courtyard

Walk behind chateau overlooks Cesky Krumlov

Back behind the chateau was a walkway that lead up to the gardens. Along the way there was an overlook where you got a great overall view of the old town of Cesky Krumlov, shown below.

Panoramic view of Cesky Krumlov

Garden fountain in Cesky Krumlov

After looking out over the town we continued back into the castle garden. There were a few flowers there and this large fountain shown above. We got a fellow tourist to take the group photo shown below.

Group photo in garden

Father's Day phone call

< Today was Father's Day so Diane went to the local tourist info center and found out how to make a long distance overseas phone call back home. All we had to do was buy a reasonably priced phone card and use the right kind of public phone booth. We found that the card didn't work in every booth, just certain ones.

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