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House Details - Little Deadman's Cay



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House Details


The House:

Don't go to Little Deadman's Cay expecting a luxurious fancy vacation resort. However, do expect a simple, basic, clean, comfortable 3 bedroom house on a secluded, private island. Below are some photos of the house.

House and front yard

^ Above is a panoramic view of the house and the front yard. There is a small table with chairs under the palm trees perfect for breakfast along with a hammock for snoozing (however, I prefered snoozing in the beachside gazebo where I could see the water.)

> To the right is the back patio. This was a perfect spot for supper because you can keep an eye on the progressing sunset as you dine.

Back patio, perfect for sunsets

The house electrical system is powered by batteries, solar cells on the roof, and a wind turbine. At night you'd have to use electricity wisely, otherwise, you could drain the batteries. Drinking water came from a large 5 gallon bottle of drinking water. All other water came from a well and also from large storage tanks filled with rain water. This means no long showers. An electric pump was used to pump water into a storage tank on the roof which provided your water pressure for the house faucets.


The beach is beautiful, soft white sand. It would be great for little kids because the water is calm and shallow. If you want deeper water for adult swimming, you can walk about 100 feet to the southern end of Little Deadman's Cay where there are some deep water pools just offshore. The beach gazebo is a great place to relax, read a book, or take an afternoon siesta.


> From the house it's a short walk thru the palm trees to the beach side gazebo and your private beach.


v Here's your heavenly, powder-soft, white sand beach. Not a soul in sight! The boat is moored off-shore.

The short walk to your private beach
Your private beach at Little Deadmans Cay
What To Do:

On the down-side, there are no restaurants nearby. If you want to eat out, you'll have to boat to Long Island, rent a car and drive a long way to find one. Kooter's Restaurant was the only one we found that was accessible by boat. It was about a 1.5 hr boat ride south on Long Island.

There are also no marinas nearby. To get more boat gas, you'll have to boat over to Long Island and carry the jerry can about a mile to the gas station and back, or make arrangements with some friendly local to pick you up at the public dock and give you a lift, or ask the house caretakers for help. The day we rented a car, we used the rental car to get more boat gas.

There's no entertainment available other than whatever you choose to make up on your own. If you put out a small bowl of water and a plate of sugar or honey or syrup along with bread crumbs, you'll have gobs of home bred entertainment watching the birds that stop by. The Bananaquits are especially attractive and cute to watch. Try to see if you can get them to land on or eat out of your hand. I got one to land on my finger once. The feel of their tiny feet on my finger was priceless. At night, It's time for the landcrabs to come out. They are uglier than sin!, but very interesting to watch. Wait til after dark and shine a bright flashlight out into the backyard from the patio. One evening we counted six of them.

While the birds were fun and exciting, we didn't find the snorkeling around the island or around nearby Jim's Cay very good compared to some of the other places we've been.


> The Bananaquits are very beautiful birds and are fun to watch. They love sweets. We also had a lot of mockingbirds visit our "bird feeder".

v Below left is an ugly landcrab. They are very large! Their one large claw was the size of my hand! The body was the size of a softball ! The legs are about 12 inches long.

v Below right is a seacrab we saw while snorkeling. In spite of our much larger size, it insisted on taking a defensive posture and would "fiercely" attack the underwater camera when placed in front of him.




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