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Getting to Little Deadman's Cay:

The easiest way to get there is by air. Unfortunately, there's only one scheduled daily flight from Nassau to Deadman's Cay airport on Long Island with Bahamas Air. We had heard that Bahamas Air was not real reliable, and that they sometimes leave a little early, and sometimes a lot late. In order to minimize problems on the way to Deadman's Cay, we flew down to Nassau on a Friday night and stayed overnight in a cheap hotel. That way we would have no problems getting to the airport in plenty of time for the Bahamas Air flight.

The cheap hotel we stayed in was the Casuarina Hotel on Cable Beach. I can't say I'd recommend it to anyone, but it was clean and safe. It might have been a great place in its heyday, but those times were loooooong past.

If you don't want to use Bahamas Air, there are several charter airline companies that operate out of Nassau that will fly you down in a small aircraft, at your schedule, for a fee. Since you're paying for the plane, if you have several people, the cost per person could work out to be less than Bahamas Air.

Also be aware, that Bahamas Air changes their schedule frequently. This made long range planning difficult for us. Once we had to cancel all our tickets and start all over again because Bahamas Air changed their schedule so much (flight moved 2 hours earlier) it conflicted with our other flights from the mainland.

We complained once to the Bahamas Air reservation agent and she told us that our AAA travel agent should have known about the change months ago, yet she (a Bahamas Air employee) didn't know if there was going to be another change soon.

In the end, we had no problems with our Bahamas Air flights.

Bring LOTS of sunscreen.

The Bahamian sun is very hot and during the April-May week that we were there, the sunburn index was 10+ according to Also, the island is very private and secluded. If you truly relax and drop your inhibitions (and clothes) you could end up with a bad burn. Our last day there, I somehow missed the backside of my right leg and got a bad burn. My young nieces had a field day peeling the sun-burnt skin off my leg in large sheets. Yes, I know that may sound gross to some people, but if you're into that, and I know you're out there, you know what fun peeling can be!

Don't bring a lot of clothes.

There's NOWHERE to go that requires "fancy" clothes. Around Little Deadman's Cay you can wear a swimsuit or less, and on Long Island, shorts and a Tee shirt were fine.


Verify all the rental costs with Little Deadman's Cay before making your deposit. After making our deposit we learned about the additional 10% prepaid gratuity and ~$50 charge to be returned to the airport (the pickup is included with the rental, the dropoff was not). This is wise advice for any house rental you may be considering. While the prepaid gratuity was a surprize, it helped eliminate the question of how much and who to tip. An issue we're never sure how to handle.



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