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Ever since I was a kid in junior high school and a friend showed me pictures of their hiking trip thru the jungles of Peru to Machu Picchu, I've wanted to see that ancient, mystical, mountain top Incan city. Now, after about almost 40 years of waiting, I've finally made the trek. It all started when a friend in our hiking club invited us to join him on his "annual" trip to Peru. He had been to Peru four times in the past doing serious high altitude mountain climbing. He wanted to do a more "touristy" trip this time to see the sights he hadn't had the time to visit in the past. Diane and I grabbed the opportunity immediately.

We used "Adventures Within Reach", a travel company located in Denver, to book our Machu Piccu trek and tour. We booked all our flights (international and inside Peru) ourselves using the internet. We found and booked our tours of Lake Titicaca thru "All Ways Travel" and the jungle expedition thru "Andean and Rainforest Expeditions" also using the internet.

This trip report is broken up into five chapters. You can read them in chronological order or just skip about reading the sections that interest you.

Chapter 1


- Sat, Travel from Baltimore to Miami to Lima to Puno and Lake Titicaca


- Sun, Tour of Uros Islands


- Mon, Stay on Taquile Island


- Tues, Travel from Puno back to Cuzco

Chapter 2


- Weds, Tour of Cuzco and surrounding area

Chapter 3


- Thurs, Travel to start of Inca Trail


- Fri, Hike Inca Trail from Mile Post 82 to Llulluchapampa campsite (just before Deadwoman's Pass)


- Sat, Hike Inca Trail to a campsite on a mountain peak just before Phuyupatamarka


- Sun, Hike Inca Trail to Machu Picchu


- Mon, Tour Machu Picchu and then travel back to Cuzco

Chapter 4


- Tues, Tour Pizac market and Ollantaytambo

Chapter 5


- Weds, Travel from Cuzco to Puerto Maldonado to Jungle Lodge at Refugio Amazonas


- Thurs, Hike and explore jungle around the lodge


- Fri, Hike and explore jungle around the lodge


- Sat, Travel from jungle lodge back to Puerto Maldonado and then back to Lima


- Sun, Fight home from Lima gets cancelled :-(


- Mon, Finally fly home to Baltimore




Try this page for just a plain photo gallery of our Peru photos!


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last revised : August 27, 2009