Our Cross Country Ski Trip
Blackwater Falls State Park
West Virginia
February 8, 2003


This is the lodge at Blackwater Falls State Park where we stayed. This is the backside where the entrance is.

The lodge at Blackwater Falls State Park

If you walk out the front of the lodge to the overlook, you get this nice view of the Blackwater Canyon. You can see the river down in the bottom of the canyon.

Blackwater Canyon

From the lodge you can follow the road up to the right and then walk down a short path for a view of the Blackwater Falls. Even though they were frozen over, there was still a large flow of water going over the falls.

Blackwater Falls

After all the sightseeing we went skiing on the local trails. Bleow are a few shots along the way.

Diane on a bridge .


Diane leading the way.
Diane on another bridge.


Diane trying to go uphill.

Upper left: Diane leading the way along the trail



Upper right: Diane on yet another bridge.



Left: Diane trying to go up a hill.



Below: Wow, a shot of me!


Wow, a shot of me !