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Lower Grinnell Lake, Glacier N.P.



Two years ago (2003), we planned a backpack trip thru the Lake Plateau area of the Beartooth Wilderness area. Unfortunately, there were many wildfires in Montana at that time, several of them near our proposed route. In fact some of the trails we were going to use were closed. So, we instead did the East Rosebud Trail. This year we decided to go back to Montana and do the Lake Plateau backpack that we had planned before. This time there were no wildfires and so we were able to complete our trip.

In addition to the backpack we stayed at two fire lookout towers, one near Trout Creek and and the other near Yaak. We also did a quick two day run thru Glacier National Park, hiking to Hidden Lake and also to Grinnell Glacier.

The trip report is broken up into four chapters. You can read them in chronological order or just skip about reading the sections that interest you.

Chapter 1


- Sat, Drive from Bozeman to Box Canyon Trailhead, Hike to Lake Kathleen


- Sun, Backpack to Lake Pentad


- Mon, Backpack to Lake Pinchot


- Tues, Dayhike to Lake Surrender

Chapter 2


- Weds, Backpack to Diamond Lake


- Thurs, Dayhike to Mirror Lake


- Fri, Backpack out to Upside-Down Trailhead, Drive to Deer Lodge

Chapter 3


- Sat, Drive to Gem Peak Lookout


- Sun, Dayhike to Eighty Peak and Idaho Point

Chapter 4


- Mon, Drive to Garver Mt. Lookout


- Tues, Dayhike to old lookout ruins

Chapter 5


- Weds, Drive to West Glacier


- Thurs, Drive thru Glacier Nat. Park to Babb, Hike to Hidden Lake


- Fri, Dayhike to Grinnell Glacier


- Sat, Drive back to Bozeman.



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