Bob and Michelle (and Dave) in Seattle

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This is a quick page I threw together to show some photos of where Bob and Michelle are staying in
the Marriott Residence Inn in Seattle and to also show some of the places we visited.

(Some of the photos are large in size so they may take a few moments to load, You may also have to
scroll to the right to see the whole photo).


Here's some annotated satellite views to give you an idea of where in Seattle they are (courtesy of Google Earth).

Seattle overview

close-up of Lake Union

close-up of Marriott


This is the Marriott Residence Inn where they are staying. It's located at the south end of Lake Union
in Seattle. I put a red star on their balcony.



If you stood on their balcony, this is the view they get out over Lake Union. The Space Needle is
just a little further to the left around the side of the building. You can see it if you looked out the
bedroom window (which is to the right.).

View from balcony


The center of the Residence Inn encloses a large atrium area. It's here that they serve a very good
breakfast buffet every morning. I'm gonna have to diet when I get back home.

Marriott atrium


Here's some shots of their living room, kitchen., and bedroom.

living room




Around the back of the Marriott is the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Seattle
Cancer Care Center. All we have to do is walk up the slight hill to get to the clinic. Bob disagrees
with my use of the adjective "slight".     :-)

Walk to clinic


Here's the clinic where Bob spends a lot of his time. They are going thru a growth spurt, therefore the
building constructon on the right side.

The Clinic



The weather was nice Saturday morning. In fact, we could see our shadows for a little while. Which
was amazing because it meant the sun was out! We were wondering if we'd need to put sunscreen on!
While the sun was out Bob walked me over to REI. However, not just any REI. This was the REI
flagship store! Where it all started back in 1938. For little brother Dave, this was pure heaven!!
The store has 1) an outdoor trail running around part of the building for people to try out mountain
bikes, 2) a small forest next door with pine trees and a small mountain stream tumbling down a
rocky streambed, and 3) an indoor 65 ft tall climbing wall enclosed in a glass tower.

Here's the store and forest stream.

REI store

REI stream


In the afternoon, Dave gave Bob a haircut. To collect the hair that fell onto the floor,
Dave took the shower curtain down out of the bathroom and laid in on the living room
carpeting. To protect the shower curtain from the chair legs, we cut 6 inch squares
out of a cardboard box and put them under the chair legs as pads to spread out the
load. When we were done, we shook the shower curtain out on the balcony and
re-hung it on the bathroom rod. I hope nobody from the Marriott Residence Inn reads this !

Here's Bob getting his haircut.

Bob getting haircut


When the weather improves again we hope to get out to some of the local parks and go walking.
Then I'll add some more photos!

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